Light­room im­age ex­port set­tings

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01 im­age for­mat

You can ex­port your pro­cessed Raw file as a JPEG, a higher-qual­ity TIFF file, or as an Adobe DNG file. JPEG is usu­ally best for shar­ing, TIFF is best for fur­ther edit­ing.

02 Color space

If your im­age is de­signed for on-screen or on­line use, the SRGB colour space is best. If you’re send­ing it to a pub­lisher, they might pre­fer Adobe RGB.

03 Bit depth

If you’re ex­port­ing a JPEG the bit depth is fixed at 8-bit. If you’re ex­port­ing a TIFF, choos­ing the higher 16-bit cre­ates an im­age that is bet­ter suited to fur­ther ma­nip­u­la­tion.

04 im­age sizing

You won’t al­ways need an im­age the same size as your orig­i­nal, so you can down­size or up­size your ex­ported pho­to­graph here – it’s a bit quicker than do­ing it sep­a­rately.

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