1. How raw works

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When you shoot NEF files with your Nikon, you’re in­ter­cept­ing your pho­to­graph data at a vi­tal stage…

You’re not re­ally ask­ing your cam­era to do anything dif­fer­ent when you shoot Raw be­cause cre­at­ing Raw data is part of its pro­cess­ing ‘pipe­line’ any­way. All you’re do­ing is ask­ing it to save this Raw data as a file you can process your­self, in­stead of leav­ing your Nikon to process the im­age in-cam­era.

In ef­fect, the cam­era is a ‘Raw pro­ces­sor’ just like any Raw pro­cess­ing soft­ware you might use. The dif­fer­ence is that the cam­era’s pro­cess­ing op­tions are locked in by the cam­era set­tings you choose. Whereas if you save a Raw file you can choose these set­tings your­self later.

This is im­por­tant, be­cause the pro­cess­ing used to cre­ate an in-cam­era JPEG means dis­card­ing a lot of data caught by the cam­era – and there’s no go­ing back! With a Raw, how­ever, you still have all the orig­i­nal photo data to use.

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