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Il­lus­trates how to fix geo­met­ric and per­spec­ti­val dis­tor­tion us­ing Nikon’s free soft­ware Cap­ture NX-D

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Cor­rect per­spec­ti­val dis­tor­tion in Nikon’s free soft­ware

The edge of a photo may bulge (or bar­rel) slightly as it is dis­torted by the lens. This type of geo­met­ric dis­tor­tion is es­pe­cially no­tice­able when shoot­ing with a wide-an­gle lens, but most lenses will pro­duce some bar­relling. Depending on the qual­ity of the lens your shots may also suf­fer from chro­matic aber­ra­tion. This man­i­fests it­self as green or pur­ple fringes of colour cling­ing to con­trast­ing ob­jects. You may also no­tice the edges of a photo are darker than the rest of the frame due to vi­gnetting, caused by dif­fer­ent light lev­els en­ter­ing the edge.

If you shoot a tall build­ing from a low an­gle then you’ll no­tice that the ver­ti­cal walls con­verge in­wards to­wards the top of the frame. Cap­ture NX-D can coun­ter­act this per­spec­ti­val dis­tor­tion and make ver­ti­cals run par­al­lel with the edge of the frame, even when work­ing with JPEG files.

If you shoot in a Nikon Raw for­mat, such as NEF, then you can coun­ter­act geo­met­ric dis­tor­tion, vi­gnetting and colour fring­ing in a few clicks by us­ing Cap­ture NX-D’S Cam­era and Lens Cor­rec­tion panel. Cap­ture NX-D can read a Raw file’s meta­data, de­ter­mine which lens was used and then tweak the photo ac­cord­ingly to coun­ter­act any fring­ing or bar­relling. This level of con­trol is one of the many rea­sons why you should shoot in Raw.

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