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AM­ILY boat­ing fun is made easy with a small tin­nie weigh­ing just 52kg.

The Stacer 349 Car Top­per is a neat, lit­tle rig that is beamy and sta­ble enough for a cou­ple of adults to fish in com­fort and safety.

It also will be of par­tic­u­lar in­ter­est to fam­i­lies who e n j o y camp­ing or car­a­van­ning be­cause the tin­nie is light enough to be car­ried on the roof of a fam­ily sedan or wagon.

This type of porta­bil­ity is a bonus for those on ex­tended va­ca­tions to more re­mote ar­eas.

The hull weighs 52kg, mean­ing two adults can com­fort­ably lift it on to roof racks.

Stacer boats are built in Queens­land by Tel­wa­ter, Aus­tralia’s big­gest manu-


recre­ational fac­turer craft.

It is the same com­pany that makes Quin­trex and Sav­age alu­mini­ums, both of which have been leg­endary brands on the Aus­tralian boat­ing scene for decades.

Stacer’s eight Pro­line se­ries mod­els vary from 3.19m to 4.29m and each is de­signed to suit in­shore fish­ing with small-ca­pac­ity out­boards.

The Pro­lines are built with typ­i­cal Tel­wa­ter pre­ci­sion and, like their Quin­trex and Sav­age sta­ble­mates, have a three­year lim­ited war­ranty.

As with all mod­els in the Pro­line range, the 349 Car Top­per comes with front and rear bench seats, front deck, tran­som han­dles and am­ple stor­age.

It is an un­com­pli­cated lay­out but one that pro­vides the best use of avail­able space.

A few ac­ces­sory items, in­clud­ing bow rails, fuel tank rack, rod hold­ers and bi­mini top for sun and rain pro­tec­tion, are avail­able.

The stan­dard hull is un­painted but paint­ing and strip­ing are avail­able as op­tional ex­tras.

The 1.25m beam and rel­a­tively flat bot­tom make the Car Top­per ex­cep­tion­ally sta­ble for a boat of such mod­est size.

Stand­ing up to fish is no prob­lem in calm con­di­tions.

The Car Top­per comes as a pre-rigged fac­tory pack­age with a 6hp Mariner two-stroke mo­tor or can be or­dered as a base boat only.

Max­i­mum re­com - mended horse power is eight, with a tran­som mo­tor weight limit of 42kg.

The hull is rated to carry as much as 400kg but would be bet­ter suited to just a cou­ple of adults and some fish­ing gear for a day on the river or in the es­tu­ary.

As a safety fea­ture, Stacer of­fers its Pro­line Car Top­per with full flota­tion in both seats, which means it will stay afloat in the event of swamp­ing.

This is de­sir­able in a craft of th­ese pro­por­tions, par­tic­u­larly when used in wa­ter­ways that can be­come choppy.

Al­though the 349 is no fly­ing ma­chine with a 6hp mo­tor on the back, it gets along well enough with nor­mal loads.

Nat­u­rally, it will take you a long way on the stan­dard 20 litres of fuel, de­spite the fact that it is pow­ered by a two-stroke mo­tor.

It is pos­si­ble to sub­sti­tute a four-stroke to in­crease range and econ­omy. Re­tail price of the Stacer Pro­line Car Top­per 349 (in Ready-2-Go form) is $4100 and the boat only is about $1820.

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