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I have just brought a 2009 VW Jetta and it’s a great car, but have found out that the speedo read­ing is 9km/h out. I was told that if I changed to the win­ter tyre set­ting on the com­puter that it would bring it back in line, but it didn’t work. I was also told that it is within the legal limit. What can I do?

Chang­ing the com­puter to the win­ter tyre set­ting should have made the speedo more ac­cu­rate be­cause it would have as­sumed a larger tyre was fit­ted. Be­ing 9km/h out at 100 km/h is within the law pro­vided the speedo doesn’t read slow.

There’s not much you can re­ally do apart from per­haps fit­ting a larger di­am­e­ter tyre.

When­ever the price of petrol goes up the Cars­guide mail­box is flooded with re­quests from own­ers want­ing to know if they can con­vert their cars to run on LPG.

Some have al­ready asked the com­pany that pro­duced their cars if it is OK to con­vert, and in most cases the com­pany has an­swered in the neg­a­tive.

That’s not be­cause their car can’t be con­verted, as all can be, but it’s be­cause the car maker doesn’t want to as­sume re­spon­si­bil­ity for work they haven’t done them­selves.

Your first port of call to find out if

If the com­pany re­fuses your re­quest, en­list the help of Con­sumer Af­fairs

there is a kit avail­able for your car is www.lp­gau­to­

There you will find a list of all ve­hi­cles for which a kit has been de­vel­oped and ap­proved.

If you can’t find your ve­hi­cle on the list it doesn’t mean there isn’t a kit avail­able, or that your car can’t be con­verted. Some in­stall­ers will of­fer to con­vert your car, some­times at no charge to you, if they can use your car as a vir­tual test bed for the ex­er­cise.

Re­mem­ber, though, that you be­come the test dummy when you agree to have your car used this way.

Be­fore you con­vert your car con­sult a num­ber of in­stall­ers, and talk to their cus­tomers, be­fore com­mit­ting.

Re­mem­ber that the car maker will void the new car war­ranty on any­thing part of the car that is mod­i­fied in the con­ver­sion, so it’s im­por­tant to talk to the in­staller about any war­ranty they of­fer on their work.

One reader wrote that he was still hav­ing trou­ble with the Eco Shot sys­tem that was fit­ted to his Ssangy­ong Musso ute in 2009

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