Sound of si­lence is at work


THERE is a silent elec­tric revo­lu­tion hap­pen­ing on our farms.

Winer­ies, dairies, or­ganic farms, horse studs and other bou­tique agri­cul­ture prop­er­ties, es­pe­cially those with in­door fa­cil­i­ties, are opt­ing for elec­tric ATVs which don’t emit any CO2, ac­cord­ing to Po­laris mar­ket­ing man­ager Neil An­der­son.

Po­laris has one elec­tric model, the Ranger EV ($19,999 drive­away) with 22kW of power, a top speed of 40km/h and 80km of range.

‘‘These ve­hi­cles are a good fit for an or­ganic farm where the own­ers don’t want to store fuel on the prop­erty,’’ he said.

‘‘It fits in with the whole ethos of or­ganic so there are no diesel fumes belch­ing all over the live­stock or plants.’’

Mr An­der­son says the ve­hi­cles are also pop­u­lar at cel­lar doors and other farms with tourist and eater­ies.

‘‘It’s much more im­pres­sive for those op­er­a­tions to have some­thing qui­etly tak­ing stock from A to B with­out belch­ing diesel fumes.’’

He says the Ranger EV is also a hit at dairies and horse studs.

‘‘It doesn’t scare the stock or put the cows off their milk,’’ he said.

‘‘ If you have a mil­lion­dol­lar thor­ough­bred horse, the last thing you want to do is spook it.

‘‘It also means you can have your staff zip­ping around an ag­ist­ment prop­erty with­out wak­ing up an­i­mals.’’

An­i­mals aren’t the only ones able to sleep in while elec­tric ve­hi­cles op­er­ate.

Mr An­der­son says the Range EV is also be­ing used at mines.

‘‘There is a cater­ing com­pany in WA that bought a cou­ple so they could de­liver

at­trac­tions food to the mine site with­out wak­ing work­ers,’’ he said. ‘‘If you are in the mid­dle of nowhere you want some­thing that – rain, hail or shine – can get to where you want. At mines you have peo­ple work­ing 24-hours-aday so you al­ways have peo­ple sleep­ing.’’

Po­laris has loaned Ranger EVs to var­i­ous op­er­a­tions to trial such as the Sir­romet Win­ery in Bris­bane and the Fos­ter’s Group of winer­ies. ‘‘Fos­ter’s have tri­alled and bought some for the Yarra Val­ley in par­tic­u­lar and some winer­ies in the Mar­garet River area,’’ Mr An­der­son said.

Po­laris is mak­ing rapid in­roads on traf­fic cov­er­ing work­ing prop­er­ties

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