Holden ig­nores a burn­ing oil is­sue

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Q: Af­ter re­cently see­ing your story about the oil burn­ing is­sue in the V6 Com­modore, and I can tell you from per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ence that af­ter bring­ing it to the at­ten­tion of my Holden dealer at the 15,000km ser­vice, the 30,000km ser­vice and re­cently at the 45,000km ser­vice, and af­ter three oil con­sump­tion tests, they con­tinue to ar­gue that it is in the nor­mal range for the engine to burn through 5-7 litres of oil per 15,000km?

I have run Com­modores for 20 years and have never had to top up be­tween ser­vices. I be­lieve it is a wide­spread prob­lem that is be­ing de­layed/ig­nored by Holden and its dealer net­work.

I also feel that the new Com­modore is far less fuel ef­fi­cient than­myVYSeries II Com­modore by a big mar­gin. I used to get roughly 400km for $40, now I bat­tle to get 200-250km with my 2011 Com­modore.

Please high­light the prob­lem so Holden know it isn’t go­ing to go away. An­drew, e-mail. A: Us­ing 5-7 litres per 15,000km is cer­tainly not nor­mal. Like you I would not ex­pect to have to add oil be­tween ser­vices. Ramp up your anger and de­mand the engine on your car be re­built or re­placed.

Q: A cou­ple of weeks ago we read a re­port from Noe­lene Nolan re­gard­ing trou­bles with her 2010 Ba­rina. We ex­pe­ri­enced ex­actly the same symp­toms with our 2010 Ba­rina. For two years there was no trou­ble, then at 25,000 km it started play­ing up, in­ter­mit­tently would not start, engine-mal­func­tion light on, car run­ning very rough and un­der­pow­ered.

Our dealer was very good about it, they tried a few things and thought they had iden­ti­fied the prob­lem, but it kept re­cur­ring.

On the third visit, they re­placed the Throt­tle Ac­tu­a­tor Con­trol Sys­tem as they found an in­ter­nal fail­ure in the throt­tle body — the but­ter­fly valve not open­ing on start up. They fit­ted a new Throt­tle Body Assem­bly, and the car is back to nor­mal. P&BSharpe, e-mail. A: It’s great that your dealer was able to find the cause of your prob­lem and fix it. It’s dif­fi­cult to find a prob­lem when it doesn’t man­i­fest it­self when the car is with the dealer, he’s then fish­ing around in the dark hop­ing to stum­ble on it. Any­one whose car is suf­fer­ing from an in­ter­mit­tent prob­lem should take heart from your re­port and per­sist in try­ing to get it solved.

Q: The SRS Airbag Warn­ing light in my 2011 Mit­subishi Tri­ton stays on con­tin­u­ally. It has been back to my lo­cal dealer four times to have it fixed as I re­ally do want my airbags work­ing when re­quired. The last time it went back was two days ago and it didn’t even last the drive home be­fore it came on and stayed on. The dealer said that Mit­subishi would be re­plac­ing the wiring har­ness, but they don’t have any at the mo­ment. The dealer has been told to just ap­ply the fix they have been do­ing un­til the har­nesses are avail­able. I find this lu­di­crous. This has been go­ing on for well over six months. Three months ago I was in­volved in an ac­ci­dent with an im­pact speed of around 40 km/h and the airbags did not de­ploy. At the time the SRS airbag light was not on. When I asked the dealer what im­pact speed should set the airbags off he said he couldn’t tell me as he had no idea and I should ask Mit­subishi. Sounded like he was cov­er­ing his back. I have no faith in this car, or in Mit­subishi. I can­not just sell the car as it is leased and there would be a fi­nan­cial penalty for do­ing so.

I pur­chased and paid for a car with airbags as a prime safety fea­ture and right now no­body can as­sure me they will work when re­quired. David Moore, Pak­en­ham, Vic. A: You’re per­fectly en­ti­tled to ex­pect the airbags to work

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