‘Benz’ laws of physics

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I’d pre­fer the gear shifter on the floor rather than the tree. SAFETY Five-star crash rat­ing apart, the A45 is all about ac­tive safety. It is might­ily com­pe­tent even un­der lev­els of duress you won’t chart in civil­ian sur­rounds. DRIV­ING ‘‘You don’t have to brake for this,’’ scoffs my pas­sen­ger. The A45, he as­serts, ‘‘Benz the law of physics’’. That line would be lame if the lit­tlest AMG didn’t so much take cor­ners as dis­miss them. If there’s not the en­gage­ment that you’ll have in a truly sorted rear-drive de­vice (such as, yes, the 135i) I’ll swap that for the ex­hil­a­ra­tion of car­ry­ing so much pace through lowspeed bends with com­plete surety and safety.

On pub­lic roads I get nowhere near near the limit of this spec­tac­u­lar hatch’s me­chan­i­cal grip.

Power down, even in launch mode, is stun­ning.

Not so much as a twitch through the front or the al­ways com­mu­nica­tive steer­ing; power trans­fer takes some in­finites­i­mal, im­per­cep­ti­ble frac­tion of a sec­ond and 100km/h takes a claimed 4.6 sec­onds.

A track is of the essence if one is to climb over some sixth-tenths of the abil­ity of this blaz­ingly quick and ca­pa­ble de­vice. We strongly sug­gest all AMG own­ers take the of­fer of pro­fes­sional lessons. The cheap­est AMG by half is go­ing to be the quick­est by some way on in­ter­est­ing roads. Its com­pact com­pe­tence en­sures that.

If it out-dances its boofy V8 sta­ble­mates, the A45 can’t sing like them. Still, the as­sault ri­fle crackle of the ex­haust in sport mode en­livens any do­mes­tic drive. Sport flays hopes of the claimed fuel fig­ure, even as it rides as de­cently as could be ex­pected from any fo­cused five-door.

A caveat is the twin­clutch auto. In drive it races up the ra­tios, in sport it holds on while over­rul­ing man­ual down shifts. The lat­ter mat­ters only a lit­tle with so much grunt so read­ily ob­tain­able and its ap­ti­tude for in­tu­it­ing your in­ten­tions. VER­DICT Ad­dic­tive and delightful, the A45 is a land­mark.

The as­sault ri­fle crackle of the ex­haust in sport mode en­livens any do­mes­tic drive

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