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Oh to be young again! Those days are long gone, of course, but thank­fully my naivety has been re­placed by Yoda-like wis­dom. At least in the de­sign and dec­o­rat­ing depart­ment.

I’ve also in­her­ited a few fine lines, a slower me­tab­o­lism, and an in­abil­ity to bounce back af­ter a night on the plonk, but they’re sto­ries for an­other time.

We’ve all learnt valu­able lessons when pur­chas­ing fur­ni­ture and decor over the years, and here are some of mine. You’ll ei­ther re­late be­cause you’re in my age bracket, or you’re younger and yet to make these blun­ders.

If that’s the case, put down what­ever social media app the kids are us­ing these days and lis­ten up!

Get a qual­ity mat­tress – for the sake of those around you

Your first mat­tress pur­chase out of home needs to be qual­ity. And I say this not only for your com­fort, but for your flat­mate’s and that of your sur­round­ing neigh­bours.

Sure, you want it to be com­fort­able, but you also want it to be whis­per quiet when things go bump in the night. You know what I mean. Those walls are thin­ner than you think!

Back away from the ex­pen­sive ac­ces­sories

Yes, you’ll want to buy the $80 scented can­dle be­cause you’re in your first home and it smells amaz­ing. Yes, your friends will laugh at you. And yes, the wick will turn in on it­self when you first burn it, deem­ing the can­dle no longer us­able.

You’ll want to de­clare this a #YOLO mo­ment, but you’ll know deep down in­side that smaller decor pieces are an area you should se­ri­ously skimp on. So skimp away!

You love dec­o­rat­ing, I get it. You’re onto any new trend like white on rice. But your first arm­chair pur­chase should not come in a flo­ral, a geo­met­ric, or any other pat­terned fab­ric you’ll tire of in a mat­ter of months.

No mat­ter how ‘now’ the mag­a­zine tells you it is, and no mat­ter how much the shop as­sis­tant tells you it’s fly­ing out the door, re­sist pur­chas­ing.

This is your first fur­ni­ture ad­ven­ture so take some time to de­velop your taste and ex­per­i­ment with a bold cush­ion in­stead.

Don’t get sucked in by that sofa sale

You’re go­ing to wan­der around home­maker cen­tres, and you’re go­ing to see so­fas on sale for un­der $300. I know, it sounds like a dec­o­ra­tor dream come true. But just like a hair­cut, you get what you pay for. Cheap so­fas will likely sag, scuff and bust a spring months af­ter you buy them. So don’t go cheap here. Do your best to throw a bit of ex­tra cash into com­fort pieces like so­fas, chairs and mat­tresses and your tuckas will thank you for it.

Ask your­self if you ac­tu­ally need that din­ing table

You’re eager to fill all your rooms, I know. I hear you. I can see the ex­cite­ment and credit card debt seep­ing from your pores.

Think care­fully, though. Do you ac­tu­ally need the table? Will you ac­tu­ally sit at it for din­ner ev­ery night?

So don’t rush into pur­chas­ing things that aren’t crit­i­cal. It’s about the jour­ney, not the desti­na­tion.

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