Den­ton dishes dirt on worst ever in­ter­view


AN­DREW Den­ton has re­vealed which fa­mous ac­tor was so bad when he in­ter­viewed her that he re­fused to let it air on TV.

Den­ton will re­turn to TV tonight on Chan­nel Seven with his new show, In­ter­view, sim­i­lar to his hit show Enough Rope, which he hosted from 2003 to 2008.

In an in­ter­view with 97.3’s Bianca, Terry & Bob, Den­ton was asked who he con­sid­ers to be his worst guest ever.

“Maybe she was hav­ing a re­ally bad day and it was via satel­lite, but she was so bad and so un­pleas­ant ac­tu­ally that we never even put it to air,” Den­ton said be­fore an­nounc­ing, “it was Goldie Hawn.”

“It wasn’t just her, in fair­ness,” Den­ton said. “It was her man­ager as well who called our pro­ducer the ‘c’ word.

“It was just an aw­ful ex­pe­ri­ence and we just thought, ‘Well we’re not putting you to air, and good­bye.’”

The ra­dio trio also asked Den­ton which guest shocked him the most dur­ing the 500 in­ter­views he con­ducted on Enough Rope. “Rolf Har­ris,” Den­ton replied. “I went to in­ter­view him and as the in­ter­view went on it got darker and darker and there was this clear self-ha­tred com­ing out, none of which I had had a clue about from all my re­search.

“I re­mem­ber driv­ing away from that in­ter­view and say­ing to my pro­ducer, ‘I’m paid to do this for a liv­ing but I have no idea what just hap­pened there.’

“I think we know why there was such self-ha­tred, but at the time who could have guessed?”

In­ter­view kicked off last night on Chan­nel Seven with Den­ton’s first guests swim­ming sis­ters Cate and Bronte Camp­bell and Led Zep­pelin’s Robert Plant.

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