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2 Graphic sym­bols of or­na­men­tal grooves 7 The ze­bra ex­ists in a moun­tain­ous area 8 Top­less koalas dis­play an ex­pres­sion of sor­row 9 The lead­ing open ocean 10 Bust out of clumsy slow boats 11 Voodoo medicine or­dained as a sen­tence 13 Dread in­tim­i­da­tion 16 Scot­tish de­sign from gui­tar tan­gents 18 A bil­liards player is a fib­ber 19 The first per­son to trick a sym­bol anal­o­gous to the thing it cre­ates 20 Is lurid enough to pro­nounce in­dis­tinctly 21 Be ea­ger for some peaches 22 A car­ni­vore of the weasel fam­ily re­turned to the dig­gings


1 Not ap­plied to stom­ach mus­cles on a def­i­nite re­gion of the body 2 Try your luck and have a punt 3 Pleas­antly con­ceal­ing grass­lands 4 Lawless con­fu­sion from noise and chaos 5 The dearer bar in a four-door au­to­mo­bile 6 A watch kept by our Nancy 12 Left an arid area of land ac­quired lately 14 Ridicule the use of sar­casm 15 Make man­i­fest and re­veal the pos­ses­sion of a qual­ity 17 Across the over­seas wheel shaft 18 Give tem­po­rary use of an over­draft

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