Doubts linger over sky­walk


WE could be ex­cused for think­ing that Michael Gun­ner was hav­ing a space­walk when he agreed to the pro­posed sky­walk.

What use will this pro­posed sky­walk be in re­vi­tal­is­ing Dar­win?

Who will use it? It won’t be the guests of the pro­posed six-star ho­tel.

No, they will be taken by lim­ou­sines and lux­ury buses to the var­i­ous places of in­ter­est. As for shop­ping, the ho­tel com­plex and what is al­ready at the Wa­ter­front will have ev­ery­thing they need.

So, what about the pas­sen­gers on the cruise ships? Will they want to spend the few hours or one day they have in Dar­win to use the sky­walk? And to do what, go to the sky­walk to get a view of Dar­win Har­bour? Fair dinkum, like they won’t be able to see Dar­win Har­bour from their cruise ship.

To re­vi­talise the Dar­win CBD, we need to start by at­tract­ing not just tourists and guests of the pro­posed lux­ury ho­tel, but Dar­win res­i­dents, Palmer­ston res­i­dents, ru­ral res­i­dents and NT res­i­dents in gen­eral.

So, Michael Sky­walker, don’t be a space cadet, get back down on the ground and serve the peo­ple of the NT be­fore you try be­ing an over­seas cor­po­ra­tionpleaser and serv­ing them.

Peter Henri, Dundee For­est CAVE­NAGH ST SHADE STRUC­TURE WORK BE­GINS ■ Where are the trees to beau­tify Dar­win? Mau­reen Manzie

■ Should be in the Smith Street mall sec­tion - where peo­ple need shade! Not Cav Street over car parks?? Ja­cob Stella

■ $2.7m for 50 me­tres? Gotta see this. By­noe Boar

■ While they are at it put one over the wave­pool too. Cherie Con­roy

■ The Dar­win CBD looks like a war zone! There is foot­path & road works in Cave­nagh, Ben­nett & Knuckey streets that has been un­der­way for months please hurry up & fin­ish all this con­struc­tion. Bev Phelts

■ Com­plete waste of money. Mean­while around the cor­ner is a bus interchange, with a use­less cover for the bus pas­sen­gers. What about cov­er­ing it in­stead? Moloch Hor­ridus

■ Ques­tion needs to be asked why this part of street? What are the pub­lic not be­ing told. And who is go­ing to ben­e­fit from this $2.7m struc­ture? Narnna Dar­win

■ What would have hap­pened if this was out­side the RSL when it went up in flames? Lad­der could not be used. Chris Parry

■ They cant even get the struc­tural de­sign right. James Neill

■ Any­thing to make the Buildup more bear­able. Dan

MAN SKIPS WORK FOR 10 YEARS, NO-ONE NO­TICES ■ Not all he­roes wear capes. Tim Edwy-smith

■ We’re do­ing this work lark all wrong! Dan­nii MacMathúna Carville

■ Liv­ing the dream. El­speth Mazza

■ I’d per­son­ally like to shake this man’s hand. Me­gan Howard ■ This is amaz­ing. High fives all round. Daniel Fox

■ Hard work do­ing noth­ing ... you don’t get time for a rest. Adam Thompson

■ There’s still hope for my real dreams to shine. Kat Anderson

■ That is a fan­tas­tic ef­fort and he should def­i­nitely write a book about it, lol. Richard Keynes

■ I’m a lit­tle jeal­ous. Luke Chan­dler

■ This guy is a friggen ge­nius. He took ad­van­tage of a very flawed sys­tem, and it paid off. Rus­sell Pear­son

■ A per­fect can­di­date for a po­lit­i­cal ca­reer! John Healy

■ Ba­ha­ha­ha­haha. The dude is my new hero! Sunny Bagheera Basra

■ Ha­hah now that’s work life bal­ance. Tanja Duric YES I’ve been prob­a­bly once, I try to get there once a year. NO I haven’t been there my whole life. I’m just busy a lot.

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