combo cross­word No. 6067

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2 Obliquely 7 Cof­fee bar 8 Sick­ens 9 Touched

10 Woe

11 Threaten 13 Routine of­fi­cials 16 Part­ner

18 Heal

19 Flower 20 Re­li­gious ser­vice 21 Por­ta­ble shel­ter 22 Saun­ters (US coll)


1 Jockey for po­si­tion

2 Re­la­tion­ship 3 Be­holds 4 An­cient times 5 Mess about 6 Fam­ily

12 Small mem­ory unit 14 Self-con­ceit 15 En­ter­tains 17 Fraud 18 Me­trop­o­lis


2 Across from a slow start­ing six footer

7 A restau­rant – let’s face up to it!

8 Gets crook on first class hol­low logs 9 Ex­pe­ri­enced the ef­fects of mat­ted fab­ric

10 A trainee on a bend –

what a pity

11 Threaten the lit­tle devil

at the fin­ish 13 Ad­min­is­tra­tors sort

of carry in writ­ing desks 16 The guide uses cor­ti­sone a lit­tle

18 Fix up early cus­tomers there­after

19 Sir is ex­pected to plant it 20 Mum gets the bends a lot 21 The tem­po­rary dwelling fi­nally went af­ter the last minute

22 Strolls about in the US and he sounds bi­b­li­cal


1 Strug­gle to wan­der af­ter an early scratch­ing 2 Un­der­tak­ing a li­ai­son 3 Catches a glimpse of oceans they say

4 The first per­son cul­ti­vated quan­ti­ties in days of yore 5 Ma­nip­u­late to turn the rug through

6 Most of De­clan’s group

of com­mon de­scent 12 Hav­ing tested out open­ing kicks, it stores data

14 The habit of talk­ing too much about one­self is pure self­ish­ness

15 Sort of as­sume de­lights 17 Pre­tend to be quiet be­fore lunch

18 Early civil­i­sa­tions try out the CBD

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