NT busi­ness shack­led by red and green tape


GREEN and red tape loom as the big­gest threat to the Ter­ri­tory’s eco­nomic per­for­mance, the busi­ness com­mu­nity has warned the Gunner Gov­ern­ment.

The Cham­ber of Com­merce NT says its 2019 Busi­ness Out­look Sur­vey con­tin­ues to de­liver a raft of strong mes­sages to the Gov­ern­ment that if ig­nored will be at its own peril.

Act­ing chief ex­ec­u­tive of­fi­cer Brian O’Gal­lagher said more than 460 re­sponses, es­ti­mated to rep­re­sent 10,000 to 15,000 em­ploy­ees, have been re­ceived.

“Their voices must be lis­de­ci­sions. tened to by the Gunner Gov­ern­ment – they are a sig­nif­i­cant part of the Ter­ri­tory econ­omy,” Mr O’Gal­lagher said.

“Things are crook … it is not work­ing in this econ­omy at the mo­ment. Lo­cal busi­ness is frus­trated.

“Red and green tape is the big­gest con­cern so far. In­de­ci­sive­ness, not mak­ing de­ci­sions are con­cerns.

“The Gov­ern­ment’s will­ing­ness to make the hard de­ci­sions needed for bud­get re­pair and to stim­u­late pri­vate sec­tor growth are also severely ques­tioned.

“They are now ques­tion­ing their abil­ity to make the hard Lo­cal busi­nesses have called on the Gunner Gov­ern­ment to make it eas­ier for the pri­vate sec­tor to do busi­ness and for the NT Gov­ern­ment to get its own bud­get un­der con­trol.

“The early stats com­ing out of the sur­vey are not good for the Gunner Gov­ern­ment.”

Mr O’Gal­lagher said of se­ri­ous con­cern to the Gov­ern­ment has to be the fact that 59 per cent of re­spon­dents have rated the Gunner Gov­ern­ment ei­ther ex­tremely worse (23 per cent) or worse (36 per cent) than the pre­vi­ous CLP Gov­ern­ment. Just 9 per cent rated it bet­ter. The re­main­ing 32 per cent were neu­tral.

“In terms of em­ploy­ment ex­pec­ta­tions al­most 30 per cent in­di­cated they will be re­duc­ing their work­force and that’s a real prob­lem be­cause ev­ery day we hear about more busi­nesses clos­ing,” Mr O’Gal­lagher said.

“Fifty five per cent of busi­ness say they will strug­gle, but hope­fully re­tain their staffing lev­els and 16 per cent say they ex­pect to in­crease num­bers.

“In terms of how the re­spon­dents rate the eco­nomic/ busi­ness per­for­mance of the Gunner Gov­ern­ment, 80 per cent rate it ex­tremely poor or poor. Four per cent rate it good and one re­spon­dent rated the cur­rent gov­ern­ment ex­tremely good. The other area that must be fixed is crime, law and or­der and so­cial is­sues.”

The sur­vey closes on Jan­uary 18 and is avail­able on the Cham­ber NT web­site in the ‘Lat­est News’ sec­tion.

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“Things are crook … it is not work­ing in this econ­omy” BRIAN O’GAL­LAGHER

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