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7 Long-term prisoner 8 A fi­bre

9 Kind of let­tuce 10 A waist­band

11 Of roy­alty

13 Give out

17 On lat­eral side 19 Sud­den pain 20 As­sist

22 Hit hard 23 Skil­ful


1 Ex­plo­sion 2 Coun­ter­bal­ance 3 Curved line 4 Un­dress 5 Male deer 6 Stringed in­stru­ment 12 Naval ves­sel 14 Joined in with 15 Pro­duce chick­ens 16 Type of stone 18 Mu­si­cal in­stru­ment 21 Water stor­age

CRYPTIC CLUES ACROSS 7 Flier can be locked in for a long time

8 Fi­bre from tree that is let go wild 9 Let­tuce is the first com­mod­ity of salad 10 Waist­band from

sim­ple residue

11 Royal pro­duc­tion

of lager

13 Con­sider as be­long­ing to a start to a tes­ti­mo­nial 17 Fol­low­ing the length of one to have an in­tense de­sire 19 Se­vere twinge in sud­den men­tal dis­tress

20 Help some maiden

in trou­ble

22 Blow from a com­mon thug 23 A depart­ment that’s

short and skil­ful


1 Sud­den blow could be first and fi­nal 2 Coun­ter­bal­ance where cast goes when play ends 3 Car per­form­ing in part of a cir­cle

4 Is bored enough to re­move clothes

5 Most agree­able to hold such a males’ party 6 Small room to fin­ish for a mu­si­cal in­stru­ment 12 Open­ing af­ter a short day as an es­cort ves­sel 14 Rained heav­ily for lis­ten­ers when worked to­gether 15 Chat about the mid­dle cov­er­ing used on a ship 16 A way to get in with a semi-pre­cious stone 18 Wind in­stru­ment leads off be­fore oth­ers en­ter 21 Water stor­age silly to be turned back

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