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Plea for more sittings


THE CLP has pushed for the government to reschedule three lost days of parliament­ary sittings to the end of September.

A week of sittings was suddenly cancelled last week after Darwin and Katherine were plunged into a snap lockdown.

Opposition leader Lia Finocchiar­o called for the days not to be cancelled but instead added to sittings next month.

“There’s no reason why the three days lost due to lockdown can’t be added to the scheduled September sittings,” Ms Finocchiar­o said.

“Michael Gunner cannot slash three whole days because he doesn’t like having to face our questions.”

A spokesman for the Chief Minister meanwhile left the door open for extending parliament when it next sits in September.

“We can always schedule days if needed but it is unlikely to be necessary,” the spokesman said.

 ??  ?? Lia Finocchiar­o
Lia Finocchiar­o

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