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The announceme­nt that the Howard Springs Medical Centre is to be closed and moved to Zuccoli is a sad day for the many rural residents who use the centre.

It has been an important part of the rural community for many years and provided a local convenient and friendly medical service for young and old alike.

Its loss will also mean the local chemist will likely be no longer viable, which would mean a loss of service and loss of jobs.

It is sad that those who use the centre were not asked what they thought as their views needed to be taken into considerat­ion. (I doubt if anyone would have supported the move). They will now have to find an alternativ­e rural service.

I do hope that our local member and the Opposition Leader who both live in the area along with the Minister for Health can persuade management to reverse their decision or could find another practice that may take over so we can continue to have our much loved local rural medical centre. Gerry Wood, Howard Springs

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