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TERRITORIA­NS have again breathed a sigh of relief through unmasked mouths as restrictio­ns eased on Thursday following the NT’s latest Covid-19 scare.

While the restrictio­ns imposed over the last week were annoying, Territoria­ns for the most part did a fantastic job in complying with them, with many even voluntaril­y wearing their masks outdoors even while physically distancing.

It was a great effort all around and it’s only because of Territoria­ns’ willingnes­s to get on board that we’re able to return to normality so soon after having an infectious person in the community.

Not only that but the scare led to an increase in folks rolling up their sleeves to get the jab that will be so key to our management of the virus going forward. But despite all our efforts, now is not the time for complacenc­y.

While things might be seemingly back to normal for now, it’s only a matter of time before the pandemic wends its way to our doorstep again.

The only way to beat this thing long term is for as many of us as possible to get vaccinated, so if you haven’t already, let’s keep the momentum going and do it for all Territoria­ns.

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