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Addressed to the good citizens of Darwin: if you haven’t been to Lee Point recently, please go now.

Firstly to admire the beautiful bird statues there … not far from the parking area; but secondly before this area becomes ruined from more houses.

Your readers have put forward a good case on behalf of the rare seabirds, the native mammals, reptiles and insects … but no one is listening.

So many locals and tourists, both observers and profession­als, admire and enjoy the abundant wildlife, which will be decreased drasticall­y with the new defence housing.

Please don’t tear down prime native flora and fauna, please build on previously cleared land at Noonamah and further.

Is anyone listening?

One more point … Lee Point Road and the roundabout at Vanderlin Drive – take a coffee with you in the morning getting to work. You’ll need it!

Fiona Darcy, Millner

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