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RE: Your article in Thursday’s paper, “NT Building on the rebound”, Mr Gunner appears to have missed the point, by responding to the Master Builders Associatio­n comments about the future of the residentia­l building industry, and saying he has helped the industry by short quick lockdowns.

The two are totally unlinked and indicative of Mr Gunner’s “spin” and a lack of having anything constructi­ve planned to retain our existing population and to attract more people to the NT for economic growth.

Mr Malone, from the MBA, was clearly looking for a more insightful response to make our Territory more liveable and attractive, particular­ly for our young citizens and families to keep them here.

Strategies in housing, affordabil­ity, education, safe neighbourh­oods and climate mitigation.

Industries across the spectrum need to be involved in the plan to create the economic conditions that will “kick start” the Territory once more. Simply claiming quick lockdowns help the building industry, doesn’t cut it.

It doesn’t have to be a giant talkfest, rather a commitment from this government that it knows how it is going to achieve these broad outcomes for the future, would show real leadership instead of airing empty rhetoric and Mr Gunner’s ongoing “flimflam”.

Sue di Nimh, Darwin

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