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Markets see bright side despite losses


QANTAS, Flight Centre and Ardent Leisure shares got a boost on Thursday despite the tourism-related companies all posting hefty losses.

Investors took confidence in the news that Qantas was preparing to resume internatio­nal flights to North America, the UK and parts of Asia from December. That was on the expectatio­n Australia’s vaccinatio­n rate will allow borders to reopen by then.

Qantas posted a pre-tax loss of $2.35bn for the 2021 financial year, after a $2.7bn loss the previous year.

The airline’s shares rallied 3.5 per cent to $5.04 despite the benchmark ASX 200 retreating 0.5 per cent to 7491.2 points.

The grim Qantas result was attributed to a $16bn loss in revenue, due to the lack of internatio­nal flying for the full 12-months and extensive disruption to domestic travel.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said trading conditions had “frankly been diabolical” and things remained tough.

“By the end of this calendar year, it’s likely Covid will cost us more than $20bn in revenue,” said Mr Joyce.

Large-scale restructur­ing delivered $650m in savings, at considerab­le cost to workers with 9400 jobs now gone, or a third of the pre-pandemic workforce

Federal government assistance to the airline totalled $1bn, with $600m of wage support paid to employees and $400m funding 320 internatio­nal repatriati­on flights, and hundreds of freight-only services.

“We’ve had to make a lot of big and difficult structural changes to deal with this crisis and that phase is mostly behind us,” Mr Joyce said.

“As a result we’re geared to recover quickly, in line with a national vaccine rollout that is speeding up.”

Flight Centre shares jumped 4.04 per cent to $17.01 as its net loss improved to $602m in the 2021 year, from a loss of $848.6m a year earlier.

Flight Centre’s recovery is gaining momentum as global markets open up, but the travel agency’s performanc­e in Australia and New Zealand is being hampered by ongoing lockdowns and state border closures.

Flight Centre said its sales revenue, led by corporate travel, jumped 48 per cent or $76m for the second half compared to the first half of the 2021 financial year.

Flight Centre chief executive Graham Turner believes “signs of sanity are coming into Australian politics” and we could start returning to internatio­nal travel from early November striking deals with countries such as Singapore and the United Kingdom when we have achieved similar high rates of vaccinatio­ns.

He said when lockdowns lift and borders reopen, a strong recovery is expected, as had been seen already in key locations like the US, Canada and Europe. “Although we can’t predict the future, given the current government­enforced restrictio­ns, we are targeting a return to monthly profitabil­ity later in the 2022 financial year and a return to pre-Covid total transactio­n volumes by June 2024, but with significan­tly reduced ongoing operating costs,” Mr Turner said.

Theme park operator Ardent Leisure shares surged 21.6 per cent to $1.26 after it announced it was banking on the vaccine roll out and new attraction­s including the Steel Taipan rollercoas­ter at its flagship Dreamworld property to boost its post Covid-19 recovery. Ardent reported a net loss of $86.9m in the year to June 30, compared to $136.1m, as its theme parks continued to be hit by border closures and lockdowns.

Revenue dropped 1.9 per cent to $390.7m.

 ??  ?? Pre-tax loss 2021 $2.35bn vs $2.7bn loss 2020
Shares  3.5% to $5.04
Flight Centre Ardent Leisure
Net loss 2021 $602m vs $849m loss 2020 Shares  4% to $17.01 Net loss 2021 $87m vs $136m loss 2020 Shares  22% to $1.26
Pre-tax loss 2021 $2.35bn vs $2.7bn loss 2020 Qantas Shares  3.5% to $5.04 Flight Centre Ardent Leisure Net loss 2021 $602m vs $849m loss 2020 Shares  4% to $17.01 Net loss 2021 $87m vs $136m loss 2020 Shares  22% to $1.26

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