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One Nation backflips


PAULINE Hanson has performed a shock backflip and blocked a push to reveal the profits of the biggest JobKeeper winners.

Senator Hanson and her One Nation offsider Malcolm Roberts pulled off the lastminute move on Thursday.

The pair originally backed a plan to name and shame businesses who enriched themselves off JobKeeper payments.

But they switched position at the 11th hour, triggering chaotic scenes in the Senate.

Senator Hanson tried to turn the torch back onto her opponents to justify the surprise flip-flop.

“If the Labor Party go along with this, then you're bloody gutless, because you should have actually put up an amendment for how you’re going to get the money back,” she yelled into the chamber.

“This shaming businesses, you’re going to tie up everyone into this, including people who have done the right thing.”

The bill – proposed by independen­t Senator Rex Patrick and backed by Labor – would force the tax commission­er to publish JobKeeper payment informatio­n for any Australian company with a turnover greater than $10m.

Labor and Senator Patrick lamented the $13bn of taxpayer dollars wasted on big businesses who actually turned a tidy profit during the pandemic. Last Thursday, One Nation confirmed to NCA NewsWire that Senators Hanson and Roberts both intended to vote in favour of the bill.

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Pauline Hanson

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