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SHOCKING footage of a woman dicing with death in the croc-infested Elizabeth River is a timely reminder to us all to play it safe around the deadly ancient reptiles.

Crocs are an iconic emblem of the Territory and despite their predatory nature, hold a special place in all our hearts. But they are still one of the most dangerous of the many dangerous animals to be found in the Australian Outback, a fact that must always be kept front of mind when enjoying the great outdoors.

By all means take photos and videos of the majestic beasts as they sun themselves on the banks or devour their prey in Territory waterways, but please do it from a safe distance.

Those who fail to remember never to be complacent around crocs could find themselves making news for far worse than looking like a goose while swimming in the wrong spot.

If you still need convincing, head to Crocosauru­s Cove or Crocodylus Park before your trip out bush to see what they are really capable of before you think about getting too friendly.

Once you’ve seen one up close, even through screens and bars, it’s impossible to remain ignorant of the very real danger.

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