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NEW South Wales, which has the most active cases of coronaviru­s in the nation, is set to reopen in October when 70 per cent of their population is fully vaccinated. Meanwhile, our government and opposition are squabbling about how to count the number of Territoria­ns who are vaccinated.

But the voice of reason finally spoke up on Wednesday.

Robyn Cahill, chief executive of the government-run Palmerston Super Clinic, warned against the Northern Territory simply counting jabs administer­ed.

She said about 20 per cent of people who had been jabbed in the Territory to date had interstate postcodes.

What use is a vaccine to protect if these people are then leaving the Territory to live in another community, a place they actually call home.

This potentiall­y gives Territoria­ns a false sense of security.

But the Gunner government is right to be peeved by the federal government’s Medicare method.

We, as Territoria­ns, are being let down by this method and it could lead to “the safest place in the country” being one of the last to hit the vaccine target. Let’s encourage all those Territoria­ns, the ones who call themselves local but haven’t changed their Medicare address, to get it done.

A government incentive might help but what’s more incentive than opening up to the rest of Australia when we know we’re safe.

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