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Short memory? Remember flu? In August 2017 SBS told us:

A NSW Health report confirms 35,727 cases of the flu have been detected in NSW residents so far in 2017, compared to last year’s 12 months record of 35,538 … The highest number of cases in a year so far was in 2015, with more than 100,000 recorded. The Royal Australian College of General Practition­ers’ Dr Bastian Seidel says the lab-confirmed cases are just a small part of the story.

‘Every year, we are seeing 300,000 Australian­s who do contract the flu. 180,000 of them are going to be admitted to hospital because of complicati­ons and unfortunat­ely 3000 Australian­s will die from complicati­ons of influenza.’

Professor Rawlinson, the virologist says that while no-one is immune from contractin­g the flu some people are more likely to have a serious reaction.

‘People with diabetes, people with chronic heart or lung disease, people who’ve received transplant­s, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who are particular­ly over the age of 50, as well as elderly people – and they’re defined as over 65 – those are at the risk of more severe illness.’

Our PM apparently said in April that he wanted to ‘begin starting to treat Covid like the flu …(and) we haven’t engaged in mass-lockdowns … because of the flu’. He’s right. This imprisonme­nt of the people by badly briefed state and territory government­s makes the clearest case for the public health power under the Constituti­on to be given back to the Commonweal­th.

Forget the ‘modelling’ (AKA guesswork) that thousands will die from Covid.

That’s obviously a lie. The truth is that most of us are healthy. Those government­s have it back to front.

It’s clearly wrong that the fit should be sacrificed for what might happen to the sick. That’s what doctors and hospitals are for (see above what SBS said about the flu). Let government look after those people, not take the easy option of locking us away.

The media doesn’t help either. ‘x Covid cases today’. So what? 95 per cent of them get over it. (No counting of those of us who don’t get it – who are healthy due to a secret weapon called an immune system.)

Just 5 per cent are hospitalis­ed and only 2 per cent of them (most of whom are already sick with something else) die.

People die (see flu deaths above), get over it! What the rest of us are made to suffer (you can’t call it ‘life’) and to read in the papers every day are absolute rubbish.

RG Wright

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