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“It’s better to have a heart without words than words without a heart”. These words, spoken by Mahatma Gandhi beautifull­y articulate the power and the problem of language. Words can persuade and seduce; and convince us to believe in ideologies. As expression­s of our thoughts, no matter how illogical they might be, they can be spoken in such a way that we believe them. Hearts, on the other hand, only know how to feel. Feelings may not be logical, but without them we function like automatons. Follow your heart this weekend. Ready now... completely free audio and video forecasts. Go to ozfree.cainer.com


How much would you change if you could? What aspects of your current situation aren’t going according to plan? Does your discomfort stem from the fact that something’s fundamenta­lly “wrong”? Or is it because it doesn’t match your expectatio­ns? What’s important, this weekend, relates to your expectatio­ns of yourself. It’s time to focus on your needs now. If you expect to have the confidence to deal with whatever comes your way, you’ll find that you have the ability to handle things with great success. A brilliant offer… completely free audio and video forecasts. Go to ozfree.cainer.com


While there’s no time like the present, there’s no present like the gift of time. What’s putting you under so much pressure that you feel obliged to rush? What’s so urgent that it’s been put to the top of your to-do list? Actually, you don’t have to answer that. I know you think you know why you’re in such a hurry. You’re convinced that there’s not a moment to lose. Yet, as Mars (determinat­ion) connects with Saturn (the wise teacher) you can take your foot off the accelerato­r. Refuse to bow to any sort of pressure this weekend. Don’t miss out… completely free audio and video forecasts. Go to


“Together we stand, divided we fall... come on, come on, let’s work together”. These lyrics, by the band Canned Heat, worked very well for them because, over 50 years later, they’re still together. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy for them over all those years. They’ll have had their arguments and disagreeme­nts, their rants and their rages. But none of those issues were worth sacrificin­g what they had together. Take a page out of their book this weekend, and for the sake of the greater good, seek harmony. A disagreeme­nt can be resolved. Oscar’s gift… Go to ozfree.cainer.com


Are you prepared to face whatever the future has in store for you? Before you answer that question, think about whether you were prepared for whatever’s happened in your past. No one’s really ready for some of the experience­s life brings their way. Or at least, we don’t feel ready. There are always twists and turns; unexpected challenges and developmen­ts that throw us off track. You probably don’t feel ready for what’s starting to happen in your life. But if you give it a chance, go ahead and roll with it anyway, you won’t regret it. Go to ozfree.cainer.com


The richest people in the world aren’t necessaril­y the most intelligen­t. Of course, they have entreprene­urial skills and talents. Yet, compared to academics, who spend their lives immersed in research with little repayment, they make a fortune without necessaril­y having much in the way of knowledge. Yet, perhaps the most intelligen­t of all are those who downplay their brilliance. They’re happy to stand back and let other people take the credit. Being discreet, this weekend, will pay dividends later down the line. Go to ozfree.cainer.com


This weekend, no one’s going to oblige you to feel unhappy. The planets are definitely not combining in a way that’s going to make you feel tense or anxious. In fact, with Venus and Mercury in your sign, if you’re starting to feel any of the above, you can confidentl­y make a conscious decision to feel differentl­y. If any storm clouds appear to be gathering on your horizon, you have the power to disperse them. There’s a good reason to smile and be happy. Focus on that and enjoy what unfolds. You deserve to have some fun. Unmissable gift… completely free audio and video forecasts. Go to ozfree.cainer.com


Enough’s enough. Things are starting to get ridiculous. No matter how honorable the cause might be (or how mitigating the circumstan­ces) you can no longer justify making the sacrifices you’re making. You’re carrying too much on your shoulders. You’ve taken on more than your fair share. Although you’re protecting someone, you’re also depriving them of being able to take responsibi­lity for themselves. I’m not advising you to be unsympathe­tic, or insensitiv­e, but it’s time to think about what’s best for you this weekend. There’s more… Go to ozfree.cainer.com


Who’s in your corner? Who’s willing you on and shouting your name? Who believes in you enough to work quietly behind the scenes, offering you the support you need? While it’s easy to feel gratitude for some people, it’s also possible to overlook those who work quietly in the background, whose support is more subtle. Take the time, this weekend, to recognise a corner of your world in which things, mysterious­ly, keep turning out for the best – and ask yourself what you can do, in return, for whoever keeps that wheel turning. Go to ozfree.cainer.com


May I strongly advise you not to take anyone’s advice this weekend? Oops. I guess if you do that, you’ll be following mine. So, on second thoughts, you should feel free to take advice, and equally free not to. As dynamic Mars makes a link with your ruling planet, Saturn, you may find yourself surrounded by people telling you what to do (and what not to do). Just remember that you’re not obliged to listen to anyone. Your moral compass is finely honed. Trust your instincts and you’ll be able to handle everything with ease. Especially for you… Go to ozfree.cainer.com


When we’re stressed, rushed, or anxious, we tend to make snap decisions. That’s not always a bad thing. In fact pressurise­d environmen­ts often draw the very best results. We combine incisive vision with firm action. Yet, when the scales tip a little, it’s easy to make choices that relieve pressure in the short term, while damaging our longer-term prospects. With tensions mounting, resist the impulse to act without thinking things through. This weekend, you need to tap into your inner wisdom. As long as you take your time, you’ll find it. Right here, right now… Go to ozfree.cainer.com


“Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”. Oh, if only we all had access to Mary Poppins’ bottomless bag. She had every resource she could ever need tucked away in it. From folding chairs, to birdcages, she could pull out the perfect item to suit every situation. Although I can’t promise you your own carpetbag, rest assured that your resources will stretch much further than you think this weekend. There’s magic in the air. You can use it to tidy up a messy situation and resolve it with a happy-ever-after ending. Our gift … Go to ozfree.cainer.com

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