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6 Disaster 9 Scorch 10 Wound dressing 11 A planet 12 Erodes

13 Tools 15 Requests 17 Wing-like 18 Personal case 19 Ailments

20 A goddess 22 Pasted up again


1 A grammatica­l case 2 Employ

3 Wall hanging 4 Discharges liquid

5 A sport

7 Cultivated plant 8 Improper

13 Donors

14 On a slant

15 Come up

16 Good condition 17 From a large continent 21 It is (abb)


6 It’s disastrous when Tom

has a part of Greek ode 9 Prophet spoken to char 10 Bit of fluff in

splintered finger

11 Heavenly body posed on a

kind of vase

12 Consumes from a poor seat 13 Implements use of

common clothes

15 Pleads for animal to take

vitamin in

17 Sea lark with something like

a wing

18 Small case is put in the

death notice

19 Misfortune­s with ailments 20 Is twice seen as

fertility goddess 22 Redecorate­d a wall when

sore limb set again


1 Four in time of year

denoting type of bond 2 Utilisatio­n of some

fused objects

3 Use a double right as a wall


4 Bookies holding out tubes

for discharge

5 Return bad mistake to clear

a sport

7 Stare round for a plant in

the garden

8 Sample smaller amount in

poor display

13 Presenters serving badly

without direction

14 On the slant as leisurely

canter proceeds

15 A bigger wage is come

to light

16 Short skirt for Queen is in

good order

17 Maybe Japanese, as a

Scotsman shows

21 Sit about while it is


 ??  ??

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