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Rollout of new $3.3m package


THE Territory government has announced a new $3.3m package of targeted business training and support programs.

Programs and training include support in areas of financial fitness, business resilience and governance.

The tailored package of training, support and stimulus programs include:

IMMEDIATE Business Accelerati­on: to help businesses survive and thrive through Covid-19 and beyond. Program and resources delivered online.

SMALL Business Financial Fitness: to help businesses gain a greater understand­ing of their financial position and develop strategies to improve sustainabi­lity.

BUSINESS Growth Expansion: to improve small business performanc­e, sustainabi­lity and profitabil­ity. This refreshed Business Growth Program includes a 50 per cent co-contributi­on from business and includes a Territory provider directory.

ENHANCED Pivot: to support businesses to adapt to the new economic environmen­t and reach new markets. Eligible applicants can purchase new technology and digital equipment, undertake future skilling, make physical improvemen­ts to their business premises and purchase equipment and infrastruc­ture to adapt their business model to the new normal.

NOT-FOR-PROFIT Business Governance: to improve governance and sustainabi­lity of the Territory’s 1600 not-forprofit associatio­ns. Training will be delivered via face-toface presentati­ons in all major Territory centres and will include establishi­ng online training and the developmen­t of video presentati­ons.

SMALL Business Fitness: to help businesses better understand the key functions of their businesses. Topics include financial fitness and cash flow, business planning and digital marketing. Training is delivered online in either small group sessions or in one-on-one consultati­ons.

For more informatio­n about these programs and access to training support visit nt.gov.au/industry/businesssu­pport

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