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Danila Dilba VaccinaƟon Service


• Danila Dilba, as the only Aboriginal Community Controlled Health OrganisaƟo­n in Darwin, provides a broad range of services and has been instrument­al in the Territory’s COVID-19 response.

• As the main non-government vaccine provider in the Darwin area, their work has included seƫng up as a COVID-19 test centre and delivering vaccinaƟon­s.

• As of late July, the vaccinaƟon service had delivered approximat­ely 3960 vaccines, represenƟn­g almost 4% of the Territory’s vaccinaƟon­s at that point in Ɵme.

• Danila Dilba’s vaccine service is provided in a culturally safe environmen­t by their Aboriginal staff who are both culturally and linguisƟca­lly diverse.

• The team also engaged with local homeless and vulnerable people to ensure a whole of community response and so that this group of our populaƟon were not an aŌerthough­t, but a focus of the vaccinaƟon strategy and made to feel comfortabl­e.

• The panel recognised Danila Dilba’s vaccinaƟon service for their commitment to a whole of community response, their high levels of collaboraƟ­on and their ongoing work to not only vaccinate but to communicat­e with their clients, provide a safe and welcoming environmen­t and for their contribuƟo­n to the Territory’s COVID-19 response.

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