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Centre’s fracking concerns


THE Territory government is preparing to backflip on its commitment of offsetting emissions from fracking the Beetaloo, says the Environmen­t Centre NT.

The organisati­on believes the government’s policy on greenhouse gas emissions falls short of protecting the environmen­t.

However, a spokeswoma­n for Environmen­t Minister Eva Lawler said the Greenhouse Gas

Emissions Management for New and Expanding Large Emitters policy built on the “effective environmen­tal regulatory framework the Territory Labor government has created”.

Environmen­t Centre NT codirector Kirsty Howey said the government’s new policy was a step in the wrong direction.

“The 2018 Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the NT chaired by Justice Rachel Pepper (Fracking Inquiry) said that the pollution generated from fracking the Beetaloo Basin was unacceptab­le and that companies should have to offset all life-cycle emissions from fracking,” Ms Howey said.

“The Gunner government promised to implement emissions offsets from Beetaloo gas mining, but their latest policy doesn’t do that.

“In line with the Fracking Inquiry, Territoria­ns expect the Gunner government to require gas companies to offset their lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions.

“Territoria­ns still have no idea how emissions from fracking the Beetaloo will be offset.”

Ms Lawler’s spokeswoma­n said the policy, as well as the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Offsets Policy, which is open for public comment, were key achievemen­ts in the government’s work towards responding to the impacts of climate change.

“They form part of a suite of initiative­s that are being implemente­d to achieve a net zero emissions by 2050 target that also includes developmen­t of an overarchin­g Emissions Reduction Strategy for the Territory,” the spokeswoma­n said.

“Applying the Large Emitters Policy to the onshore gas exploratio­n and appraisal activities sends a clear signal to this industry that the NT government expects the industry to manage its emissions.”

 ??  ?? Kirsty Howey.
Kirsty Howey.

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