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Just 60 seconds to stab six people


A MAN inspired by ISIS ideology took less than a minute to stab at least six people in a supermarke­t terrorist attack that has left New Zealand reeling from the horrific violence.

Shoppers started to panic as the 32-year-old man stabbed people with what one witness described as a large knife.

“There’s someone here with a knife … he’s got a knife,” a woman is heard saying in one video, which was posted online after the attack.

Three of the six people injured are in a critical condition.

The terrorist, who is originally from Sri Lanka but has lived in New Zealand since 2011, was shot dead by police at a Countdown Supermarke­ts store in Auckland about 2.40pm on Friday.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described the man as a “violent extremist” who had been known to police since 2016.

“This was a violent attack, it was senseless and I am so sorry it happened,” Ms Ardern said.

“This was someone who was known to our national security agencies and was of concern, and was being monitored constantly.”

Police Commission­er Andrew Coster said officers did the best they could and acted with courage within 60 seconds.

Ms Ardern warned backlash against the Muslim community would be wrong.

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