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Recently a candidate standing for the Daly by-election put out signs along the Cox Peninsula Road that state Labor is “soft on crime”. What is his basis for such a claim? Has he done his research? Furthermor­e, is he proposing a realistic plan of action? I’ve seen no evidence that this is the case.

As a social scientist I’ve seen no evidence that any NT government has been “soft on crime”, whatever that means. However, some are “smarter” on crime than others, and that’s what all need to be aiming to do.

Reading through the literature posted by candidates I came upon another spurious claim, that Labor “doesn’t care about the bush”. Again, where is this candidate’s evidence for such a statement? And has he compared past government­s of both persuasion­s in regard to rural and remote areas? People in rural and remote regions tend to have less access to education and transport (Parliament of Australia, 20032004; Eldac 2020) and primary health care services (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2020). Does he have plan to reduce the inequaliti­es?

I suspect these are examples of politics by gut feeling. And I have doubts about the wisdom of voting for those who use such ploys particular­ly in this time of Covid.

Voters need informed candidates and a less adversaria­l approach such as that of our previous representa­tive MLA Gary Higgins. All candidates would do well to emulate him.

Dr. Denise Lawungkurr Goodfellow, Darwin River

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