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KICKING the can down the road is a very familiar pattern for those who know politics well. News that the government has chosen, for the last five years in a row, not to spend over half of the $50m earmarked for boat ramps is just the latest example of the budget manoeuvre known as ‘revoting’.

It means the government can say it’s allocated money to something, without actually spending it.

But the problem with this approach is people will cotton on eventually.

Now our boaters and fishers, who’ve noticed their long-promised new boat ramps still haven’t materialis­ed, are making waves.

The government needs to come clean about how exactly it intends to spend the rest of the $32m on boat ramps.

If it is simply going to spend it maintainin­g existing ones, it shouldn’t be dressed up as new money.

If it’s going to be spent on new infrastruc­ture, then it should be spent sooner rather than later and the projects put out to tender.

Indefinite­ly revoting the funds into the long grass just weakens the public’s trust that our government can deliver anything.

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