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THE proposal to build a $200m hotel at Little Mindil is the biggest indication yet that the Top End has a great shot at a tourism-led recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the developers, the plan represents the biggest developmen­t in Darwin in five years.

It shows the Top End still has the potential to draw in big dollars and investment.

And it comes at a time when tourism and hospitalit­y operators are in dire need of reassuranc­e their industries are going to pull through the current crises.

There’s no guarantee but the fact two major companies are willing to combine and put down $200m on a developmen­t is a sure sign there’s optimism.

When complete in 2025, North One will hopefully bring more people to the Top End, and through the increased visitor numbers, the potential to boost neighbouri­ng businesses and tourism operators across the wider region.

The more people up here on holidays, the more people who venture on to Mitchell St on a Saturday, or into our dining venues for a midweek meal, or out to Kakadu on a scenic flight, or to Berry Springs for an authentic taste of the Territory. As the old saying goes, a rising tide floats all boats. New developmen­t in Darwin is sorely needed to bolster the economy and make the NT an attractive place to stay and play.

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