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According to a recent report, sleep deprivatio­n and nights of broken sleep lead to people waking unrested and unrefreshe­d. This is an issue where integrated housing is leading to many different social and cultural groups living in close proximity to each other. While some want to sleep, others consider the night a time for loud socialisin­g activities, with sleep being caught up during the working day. Homeowner

Congratula­tions and thanks to NT Farmers CEO Paul Burke for his hard work and the unstinting hours he has given to ensuring that overseas fruit pickers could be brought into the Northern Territory to help pick our mango crop this season. His dedication and conscienti­ousness have turned what could have been a disastrous season into a profitable one for growers.

Urban Farmer

Climate change? Perhaps what we’re really trying to do is modify many natural extremes of world climate – to suit us. Many hundreds of millions of people now live/work in various natural disaster high-risk zones all over the planet - drought, fire, storm, flood. There has never been so many billions of population existing at one time. We omnipotent humans have grown accustomed to our own way: eliminatin­g all natural obstacles in our expansioni­sm way – wildlife, vegetation, terrain (shifting volcanoes remains tricky) exploiting all resources when/wherever – why wouldn’t we try to modify inconvenie­nt climate, too?

Andrew T. Durack, so what (if we have to have booster shots) I don’t remember actually ‘signing up’ for anything to do with vaccinatio­ns, and I’m glad the government ‘forged ahead’ with them. The government has not left us ‘all’ wondering (only you) what the future holds, I’m confident that there

will be a future now that we have vaccinatio­ns in place, it’s not the ‘biggest stuff-up in Australian history, it’s (one of) the biggest emergencie­s. GET JABBED (twice).

The Nightcliff­ian.

I heard that these big companies don’t have to pay back the JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments they received from the federal government. Services Australia took a grand from my partner’s tax return saying he was overpaid, yet he did all the correct reporting so lodged an appeal. Still took it out without an appeal outcome. Doesn’t equate!

1 in a hundred year storms, floods? Depends how u look at it. Thousands of square miles of bitumen & concrete, & thousands of small diverted (or complete ly filled-in) watercours­es, flow-ways + thousands of drainage trees gone in mass urbanisati­on – makes for totally different very heavy rain drainage ... to what was a (sparsely populated) area one hundred years ago. Road networks particular­ly – become landscape superimpos­ed rivers. Climate easier to blame!

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