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I find it incredibly ironic that the NTG’s approach to forcing vaccinatio­n by what’s effectivel­y punishment for noncomplia­nce, goes completely against their marketed approach in how to address youth crime. What we have here is a government that on one hand acts in a manner that projects there’s a belief that punishment for noncomplia­nce, will not result in compliance, yet when their one trick agenda is under attack, will perform a complete 180, by punishment for noncomplia­nce. Does this government seriously believe that it will yield a different result? And if it were to, why is this approach not utilised in other matters that affect Territoria­ns’ lives? Both before and (likely) after the health emergency ends? Ben

Hey MG, a representa­tive voted in by the people of the electorate are supposed to respect their views even if they differ to their personal or party views. If she has been contacted by numerous people expressing concerns isn’t she, like those of the CLP, meant to raise those concerns. What it may demonstrat­e is that she is listening to the electorate, unlike you. No matter the worth of mandatory vaccinatio­ns, you are simply showing a dictatoria­l mindset that will not tolerate any alternativ­e views.


Incentives to get vaccinated – you are kidding right!! How about the incentive is jobs, freedoms, health for all the community. Ferdinand

It’s a two-way street. If community members don’t get vaccinated, then they should be barred from entering urban centres.


So is Mr Gunner saying that people living in remote communitie­s are “anti vaxxers” – or are they “vulnerable”?


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