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TERRITORIA­NS are being spun by political leaders, with the distinct terms of “antivax” and “anti-mandatory vaccinatio­n” being conflated and thrown around like confetti. Chief Minister Michael Gunner has claimed both the CLP and even a Labor senator are “anti-vax” because they don’t necessaril­y share his enthusiasm for mandating certain workers getting vaccinated.

Mandatory vaccinatio­ns are not a new concept.

There are many roles that require workers to get vaccinated for certain illnesses and Immigratio­n requires travellers to get inoculated against certain diseases when visiting some regions of the world.

But being sceptical about the effectiven­ess of mandatory vaccinatio­n as a concept is not the same as being “anti-vax”.

A minuscule but loud fringe of the community are anti-vax.

A larger proportion may believe that coercion isn’t an effective means of driving enthusiasm.

Everyone should get vaccinated, and frontline workers like nurses or doctors who refuse shouldn’t be in their jobs.

But conflating two terms isn’t going to get the Northern Territory back to any type of new normal, enjoying the activities we did before this global pandemic took hold. People want the facts and a clear idea of what the Territory will look like once we hit that 80 per cent vax target.

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