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THE launch of three rockets from the Top End will mark a major new chapter for the Territory’s aerospace industry.

Politician­s have long talked up the potential of the Territory to be a major hub for the space race, bringing investment and high paying jobs to the region.

Now the NT government needs to live up to the hype and make sure these launches aren’t a one-off.

Rather, if both the federal and Territory government­s play their cards right, this could mark the beginning of a lucrative industry.

The NT has a lot going for it – long spells of clear weather during the dry season means no sudden cancellati­ons due to poor weather.

It also is located close to the equator, which is considered a bonus for space launches. Rockets leaving Earth from the equator travel 500km/h faster than from southern latitudes.

Mining and Industry Minister Nicole Manison likes to say that she’s passionate about “jobs, jobs and more jobs”. With the Territory having so many favourable attributes, the performanc­e of our aerospace industry will be a crucial test for elected leaders who’ve promised it for so long.

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