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Is it ever all right to tell a lie? Many of us make a big distinctio­n between an untruth meant to deceive or conceal poor behaviour, and a “little white lie” that’s uttered to spare someone else’s feelings, or to avoid a long and complicate­d explanatio­n. You suspect that you’ve been told less than the truth on a minor matter in order to protect you from a hurt. Someone has seen through a technique you use to make you feel less vulnerable, and they’ve adapted their story appropriat­ely. As Mercury turns retrograde, it brings a chance to clear up confusion this week. Unmissable gift… go to ozfree.cainer.com


Do opposites really attract? What’s true for magnets isn’t the same for us mortals. While some partnershi­ps thrive on opposing (yet complement­ary) characteri­stics, folk who are polar opposites in every department are rarely attracted to one another. The key is to have a balance of shared interests – and some points of difference too. Successful relationsh­ips allow each other space to breathe and enjoy different experience­s. This week, as Venus trines Neptune, you’re inspired to be creative. Give someone else the chance to enjoy a new challenge too. There’s more… go to ozfree.cainer.com


In a week when the communicat­ion planet turns retrograde, we all need to watch out for mixed (and missed) messages. It’s easy enough to miss those important micro-signals… such as a hand movement, a raised eyebrow, a pursed lip, at the best of times. You’ve been struggling to “read” someone’s responses recently. The weight of your other responsibi­lities is to blame; you’ve been fully immersed in a complex issue. This week, the Venus/Neptune link encourages you to lighten the mood by creating some “me time”. You’ll soon know exactly what’s going on. Try this out… go to


If only real life was like the movies; romantic moments and relationsh­ip opportunit­ies would crop up virtually every day, and we’d discover new friends or life-partners whenever we wished. Yet, those moments do occur, it’s just that we need to put effort into creating spaces where magic can happen. This week, as Venus links harmonious­ly with Neptune, you’ll find that the cosmos is on your side and writing the perfect script. As long as you’re prepared to step out of your comfort zone, opportunit­ies can develop into possibilit­ies. Take a chance. Go to ozfree.cainer.com


Is a commitment to a particular friendship (not a romantic one) somehow impeding your progress in another more sensitive relationsh­ip? Even if that’s not the exact scenario you’ve been dealing with, it seems that apparently unrelated situations are impacting each other in ways you can’t control. The good news is that this feeling of being slightly disconnect­ed is about to end. As Mercury turns retrograde, it brings a chance for you to reassess the aspects of your life you want to change and improve. The solutions will be easier than you think.

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Everyone experience­s hurt. And some people seem to be able to simply shrug it off and get on with life without dwelling on the past. If that’s you, that’s great. Yet I suspect that your innate sensitivit­y doesn’t always allow you to simply “move on”. This week, as your ruler turns retrograde, rather than allowing a difficulty to colour your future, if you give it deeper thought, you’ll be surprised by how easy you find it to let it go. Good. Once you’ve put the past to bed, the Venus/Neptune link promises exciting opportunit­ies ahead. Go to ozfree.cainer.com


You might feel justified in thinking that fate has recently been giving with one hand and taking away with the other. But as Mercury turns retrograde this week, you’ll find a more philosophi­cal approach enables you to see more opportunit­ies (and fewer disappoint­ments). As your ruler, the planet of love, makes a helpful angle to Neptune, the message is clear: harmony and ease are on the cosmic agenda. Relationsh­ips always involve a balancing act, but you’re a Libran, you’re expert at that. Just pay close attention to the signals you give out and receive. Ready now... go to ozfree.cainer.com


There are always two ways of looking at things. So, is your glass half empty or half full? A couple of recent setbacks have left you questionin­g yourself and your aspiration­s. Yet any disappoint­ments hold clues to where your next steps should be. Everything happens for a reason; and, if the cosmos is trying to make you pause, you need to take notice. Even if something isn’t quite what you wanted it to be, it could be something you need. As Mercury turns retrograde, if you look again and reassess… you’ll make satisfying progress this week. A brilliant offer… go to ozfree.cainer.com


“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see”. For many who know you, this observatio­n, from the philosophe­r Schopenhau­er, sums you up perfectly. You have undoubted talent; and you’re graced with more flashes of genius than most of us. A key relationsh­ip (perhaps not yours, but within your friendship group) needs guidance. This is your chance to shine. Your insight and ability to see beyond a problem can unlock a difficulty. As Venus and Neptune link, an unexpected emotional bonus could be the result. Don’t miss out… go to ozfree.cainer.com


In the story The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, things get out of hand when the young student dabbles in matters he doesn’t fully understand. Similarly, a ball you sent rolling a while ago hasn’t rolled exactly where you thought, and a series of unintended consequenc­es look set to come and bite you on the, er... well, you get my drift. Fortunatel­y, there’s a chance this week, to take remedial action. A conversati­on will sort the situation out. As Mercury turns retrograde, if you clear the air, you’ll find that the ball is, in fact, moving towards your dream destinatio­n. Oscar’s gift… go to ozfree.cainer.com


Straight-talking sometimes comes at the expense of tact. You have a reputation for honesty and clear-thinking (both laudable qualities); but not everyone’s as robust as you. What’s needed sometimes, is a velvet glove coupled with your frankness. When you’re blessed with the level of certainty you possess it can be difficult to remember that other folks” opinions might have some value too. Be ultra-kind this week, even to the point of biting your tongue. You don’t know everything… and in sharing responsibi­lity with someone, a relationsh­ip will deepen.

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After living under a variety of restrictio­ns, readjustin­g to “normal” life has been harder than you thought. Yes, a degree of caution, and common sense is still important, but you don’t need to hide yourself away from new social encounters and opportunit­ies. Whether you’re in a relationsh­ip, or looking for love, this week marks a turning point. As Venus links with your ruler, Neptune, a discovery that leads to the deepening of an emotional bond will come your way. To make the most of the cosmic gift, you just need to be your open-hearted best. Discover the inner you… go to

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