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Hoffmann ‘ashamed’


BEN Hoffmann’s recorded interview with police has been played in his Supreme Court trial, with jurors hearing the alleged mass murderer tell detectives he was “totally out of my mind”.

In the interview, recorded two days after prosecutor­s allege Hoffmann gunned down four men, he also tells police he is “ashamed” and “unsure whether I can live with what I’ve done”.

“I just don’t know if my life’s worth living anymore,” he tells police.

“I will give you anything you need to know to get to the bottom of this.”

In response, the investigat­ing officers tell Hoffmann they have “more than enough evidence to charge you with four counts of murder” and it will be up to a court decide “whether you were, as you put it, out of it, at the time”.

Earlier, the court heard Hoffmann asked a friend for help getting a gun at least two weeks before the alleged killing spree.

Witness Jeremy Brazendale claimed Hoffmann had approached him on the street in Stuart Park in the weeks leading up to the shooting.

“He asked me if I could get him anything and made hand gestures like a pistol or a gun, and I said, ‘Ben I’m out of that shit, see ya later’, and I walked off,” he said

In cross-examinatio­n, defence barrister Jon Tippett QC suggested Mr Brazendale’s testimony was “quite different” to a police interview in which he had recalled being on a bicycle when the conversati­on occurred.

“You didn’t have the conversati­on, did you, Mr Brazendale? You’re just a liar, aren’t you, Mr Brazendale? A liar, 15 minutes of glory, a liar,” he said.

But Mr Brazendale responded that he didn’t “remember every conversati­on with a junkie”.

“Mate, I had about a 30second conversati­on with him and I’ve got another person that can actually verify that I was there,” he said

“I don’t know if I was on a pushbike or walking, I get around a lot in Stuart Park, mainly on foot.”

Hoffmann has pleaded not guilty to 14 charges, including four counts of murder, and his trial continues on Friday.

 ?? ?? A shotgun and knife found inside the ute Ben Hoffmann was driving when he was arrested on June 4, 2019.
A shotgun and knife found inside the ute Ben Hoffmann was driving when he was arrested on June 4, 2019.

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