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A non-stop Darwin-London flight would be a good thing for those in need of it. No time lost and money frittered at some intermedia­te terminal. All well and good, so far. As the saying goes “what goes up must come down”. We generally like to come home at some point. I, for one, wouldn’t buy a ticket off

Mr Joyce unless I was deadset certain I could walk out of Darwin airport a free man. Will there be a guarantee a fully-vaxxed traveller in apparently good health will not be banged up for 14 days?

How many of us have boarded interstate flights home thinking “hang in their baby, 4 more hours, that’s all I need”. Some prayers went unanswered, rather than a cool beer at the airport hotel the poor buggers went 14 days in the Howard hotel.

Would anyone choose to board a 17-hour economy class grueller with that prospect hanging over you?

I suppose if they were placed under the pump, Darwin airport and the Border Force could get transit arrivals quickly through immigratio­n towards a short stay hotel room, God knows after 17 hours in economy you’d need one. Other travellers may head into town for a spell, that’s really good for business. Bring it on. The logistics of London-Darwin are well proven but without clear terms and iron-clad, rolled gold unconditio­nal, written on tablets of stone certainty of freedom on arrival this proposal is a cheap bargaining stunt not worth the time of day. Anyone reckon Mr Gunner can write on tablets of stone? Not me.

Mark Lowe, Howard Springs

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