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ONE of the Territory’s best competitio­ns is back – Million Dollar Fish. Dropping a line in is a favourite pastime for many Territoria­ns and now there’s a little bit more of a reason to do so.

Today begins Season 7 of the Million Dollar Fish competitio­n.

Punters need only register and begin fishing in order to snag a tagged barra and claim the prize.

There’s not just eight red-tagged barra but a whopping 100 barra with a cool $10,000 attached to them.

Imagine all the tackle and gear you could purchase with that.

And the odds are good, people every year pull in $10,000 fish, some have even caught several.

However, we’re still waiting on someone to hook a $1m fish – maybe Season 7 is the lucky round.

Even if you’re not a seasoned fisho it’s worth the effort to head out there and flick a line in the hopes you reel in a barramundi with one of those sweet tags.

If you’re not so lucky in a hooking a fish at least enjoy being outdoors taking in the sunshine and nature.

So make sure you register and dust off the rod and hit the water.

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