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In the NT News on Tuesday, 28 September, 2021, our Chief Minister is quoted as saying “We are home to world class natural gas and solar resources …”

Calling gas “natural” does not put it in the category of a renewable source of energy.

Coal is a “natural” entity, but, like “natural” gas, it is a fossil fuel.

And all fossil fuels are largely responsibl­e for the greenhouse gases which are the cause of climate change.

We need to stop coalmining. We need to stop fracking. We also need to do this as fast as possible, while simultaneo­usly developing rapidly the alternativ­e sources of renewable energy, and the changes to storage and distributi­on of electricit­y to ensure a continuous supply. And that is only looking at power sources!

Government­s do not need to look too far to discover that thousands of new jobs can be created, once we stop relying on fossil fuels.

Come on, Mr Gunner! Wake up to reality!

And close down Beetaloo! Rosemary Jacob, Fannie Bay

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