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It’s not a staff issue, it’s a bed problem. The hospital is too small for the population, even with Palmerston opening. Shame staff can’t speak out or they will lose their job. The hospital is in a permanent code yes. Health Minister Natasha Fyles has absolutely no idea what's going on.

I agree with Calm Driver. I like shopping at Woolies in town, but only if I can avoid that road rage carpark of theirs. Very scary.


Sale of Darwin Transit centre. Tell me please how this was only worth $16.25m? 17 Bidders surely should have sold for a lot more and local family win. Come off it!

Maybe we should build another hospital. Maybe one in a marginal Labor held seat like Fannie Bay.

Ponder That

Totally support irrigation being dug to water newly planted trees along Lakeside Drive between Trower Road and the university BUT please get stones raked out before wet season mowers start to cut the grass otherwise they’ll be horrific damage to cars driving past eg windows smashed, body damage.

Thank you to our police officers who do a great job in protecting and supporting our community each and every day. May the families of police who gave their lives in the pursuance of their duties (and who are remembered each year on September 29 for their ultimate sacrifice) continue to be uplifted. Appreciato­r

I am glad that Brian O’Gallagher was elected as an alderman representi­ng the Waters Ward. His election as the first of the rotating Deputy Mayors was an enlightene­d peer decision and the first of what one can only hope will be his occupancy of this position on multiple occasions. Mr O’Gallagher is pragmatic, a realist and an alderman with focus on Darwin that extends far, far beyond the CBD.


Nursing staff caring for Covid-19 patients in hospitals and ICU’s become vulnerable to infection every time they go on duty. With contagion seemingly with us forever, might not a time come when robots are developed to take over from humans when it comes to medical ministrati­on in highly vulnerable environmen­ts? Questioner

So many people preaching Covid conspiracy theories, another one today NT News p7 thurs. Next they be saying the earth is flat or maybe the lizard people are ruling the earth.

Sean VB, Darwin City

Reopen the Darwin leprosariu­ms and put all the qanon conspiracy anti vaccine theorists in there for safe keeping.

How hard is it for Darwin dog owners to keep their pet on a leash?

Unrealist, Parap

 ?? ?? Haven’t seen a green ant for 18 months. Front fence hedge was home for them all year.
Haven’t seen a green ant for 18 months. Front fence hedge was home for them all year.

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