Scared of the weight room? Take a tip from these ladies, who gave strength train­ing a go – and haven’t looked back!

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The idea of head­ing for the weights room used to be a daunt­ing prospect for many gals, but in re­cent years, more and more women have been fight­ing the men for lift­ing equip­ment at the gym!

In 2015, Har­vard re­search found that 20 min­utes of weight train­ing was more ef­fec­tive than 20 min­utes of car­dio in re­duc­ing belly fat – and with stats like these, no won­der it’s ap­peal­ing!

And far from mak­ing you bulk up, Aussie trainer Kayla Itsines says girls shouldn’t be afraid to up the weight – lift­ing heav­ier weights will not only make you stronger, but give you that toned, lean look you no doubt de­sire.

“For years, I think women were told that lift­ing lighter weights would help them stay lean. [But] lift­ing heav­ier weights can put stress – the good kind! – on your body, which can help im­prove hor­mone reg­u­la­tion and re­tain bone mass,” Kayla says.

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