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Va­ri­ety is the spice of life

If there’s one An­gel to look to for fit­spo, it’s Kar­lie. Girl is a ma­chine when it comes to work­ing out – she runs (um, she just did the New York marathon – that’s 42km!), boxes, does Pi­lates, bal­let and cy­cling. Phew! “I try to ex­er­cise at least four to five times a week and like to switch up my rou­tine each day,” Kar­lie, 25, says. “I will ei­ther train with Justin Gel­band, take a spin­ning class at Soul Cy­cle, a bal­let class at Bal­let Beau­ti­ful or a strength train­ing Pi­lates class at SL SLT. I am al­ways try­ing new class classes and tech­niques!”

Why do dif­fer­ent work­outs?

What’s the beauty of mix­ing up your rou­tine? Well, when you do the same work­outs week in, week out, your mus­cles just get used to it and your weight tends to reach a plateau. So in­tro­duc­ing new work­outs is like a wel­come jolt for the body, in that it wakes up those mus­cles and starts to chal­lenge the body again – ul­ti­mately mak­ing it work harder!

“Each work­out ben­e­fits the body in a dif­fer­ent way – it’s im­por­tant to mix it up,” Kar­lie says of her var­ied reg­i­men.

Vanessa Packer, who teamed up with trainer Justin to open the mod­elfit stu­dio in New York, adds, “A com­bi­na­tion is im­por­tant so you cre­ate dy­namic mus­cles and work dif­fer­ent parts of your body. This will yield bet­ter re­sults.”

Kar­lie says, ‘Grow­ing up, I played ev­ery sport in the book – basketball, soc­cer, swim team’ Athletic Kar­lie ran the NYC Marathon in Novem­ber Box­ing’s one of her go-to sports!

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