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Pi­lates 101

Think you have to sweat up a storm to re­ally see changes in your body or fit­ness lev­els? Sim­ply not true. Celebs like vet­eran An­gel Alessan­dra Am­bro­sio have low-in­ten­sity Pi­lates classes to thank for their trim, toned bods. But why does Pi­lates get such a good rap?

Well, this slow but chal­leng­ing work­out helps im­prove your over­all pos­ture, strength and flex­ibil­ity – three key fac­tors to get your body in prime phys­i­cal shape. Plus, as Alessan­dra’s Pi­lates trainer Heather Dora ex­plains, “Pi­lates en­gages the whole en­tire body – you don’t have to worry about miss­ing a body part and can con­tinue to chal­lenge each and ev­ery one.”

Alessan­dra, 36, says, “I do one [class] called Pi­lates Plat­inum in LA once a week, which makes your abs and legs su­per-tight and toned.”

Why do Pi­lates?

“Pi­lates... is de­signed to lengthen, strengthen and in­crease flex­ibil­ity,” trainer Heather ex­plains.

And there’s good news if you want to rock a wash­board tum like this An­gel – pretty much ev­ery Pi­lates move works your core area, and if that area is firm and strong, that’s a good starting point to get the rest of your body in peak shape!

“When you start fo­cus­ing on your core, you r re­alise that all of your mus­cles are con­nected through your co core,” ex­plains US Pi­lates in­struct in­struc­tor Tracy Zin­dell. “With a stronge stronger core... the rest of your workou work­outs im­prove.”

Not a Pi­lates pro like Alé? Try a stan­dard class, then grad­u­ate to the more ad­vanced Re­former Pi­lates, which uses a re­former machine to add re­sis­tance to your work­out

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