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All faux fur and fe­line eyes, Pamela An­der­son could have been mis­taken for a cat when she at­tended Comic Con in Warsaw, Poland on Novem­ber 25.

In fact, some fans have even re­marked that Pammy ap­pears to be just one in­jectable away from look­ing like in­fa­mous surgery junkie Jo­ce­lyn “Cat­woman” Wilden­stein – and ain’t no­body want that!

“She re­ally should stop mess­ing with her face,” ace,” one critic sniped. “The facelift looks un­nat­u­ral ral and her eyes are stretched.”

Syd­ney-based plas­tic sur­geon Dr Wil­liam Mooney agrees that Pam’s face has be­come quite the, er, cat-as­tro­phe.

“Her el­e­vated brow, lifted lids, nar­rower nose ose and in­creased cheek promi­nence sug­gest a melange of treat­ments,” says Dr Mooney.

In fact, the medic tells NW that it’s highly pos­si­ble the mother-of-two, 50, has had a face ce and brow lift, up­per eye­lid ble­pharo­plasty, con­tour­ing rhino­plasty and cheek fillers – the com­bi­na­tion of which has re­sulted in her r look­ing puffier, and cat­tier, than ever.

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