Stay S slim this silly sea­son!

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Steph Claire Smith and Laura Hen­shaw, founders of Keep It Cleaner (kic­, share s their golden tips to help you stay on track du duringu the hol­i­days... DON DON’TN DITCH THE WORK­OUTS! “Ononen of the best ways to en­joy Christ­mas part­par­ties guilt-free is to work out in the mor­morn­ing or be­fore you get ready. It’ll revr you up so you have en­ergy and stamina to par­typ through the night!” KEEP THE BALABALANCE RIGHT! “If you’re go­ing to a party wher­where the canapes will be too good to ig­nore, just makem sure you have a su­per healthy day in the lead up. Also, try and eat some­thing fill­fill­ing and nu­tri­tious be­fore you go so you don’tdon overeat when you’re there.” WINE NOT? “It’s no se­cret that al­co­hol isn’t amaz­ing for us – just a few too many vi­nos can undo al­lal your hard work! But we get that it’s part­party sea­son – so just be mind­ful of your al­co­hoal­co­hol in­take dur­ing this time. Try and avoid ccock­tails and have a vodka soda with fresh lime in­stead – it has way les­less sugar!”

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