Rob­bie’s in a flap!

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We’ve seen some epic show­biz feuds over the years but noth­ing quite as vi­cious as Rob­bie Wil­liams vs a pack of pea­cocks.

The Let Me En­ter­tain You singer is any­thing but en­ter­tained as the beau­ti­ful beasts have been es­cap­ing Hol­land Park in West Lon­don and at­tack­ing the nearby luxe cars.

“I saw one re­peat­edly bash­ing a [$236,000] Lam­borgh­ini with his beak,” one of Rob­bie’s neigh­bours tells The Sun of the thou­sands of dol­lars worth of dam­age caused.

But while the res­i­dents are flap­ping mad and have spo­ken to their lo­cal coun­cil about the is­sue, they’ve been in­formed there’s noth­ing that can be done about it.

Looks like it’s pea­cocks 1, Rob­bie 0.

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